Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to buy the materials?

Our handymen will evaluate the project and recommend a solution for you. They carry common supplies and materials on their trucks. If a specialty item is needed or wanted, they will obtain that item for you. If you want to specifically select the items you can order and pay for them online and we'll pick them up. You will be invoiced at the completion of the project for the cost of the supplies and materials needed to complete your project. Receipts will be provided for those expenses.

How soon can you get here?

We evaluate the severity and need of the project when determining our schedule. Safety issues are an emergency, smoke detectors beeping is an emergency, your door not locking or closing is urgent. If you have one toilet and it doesn't work, that's an emergency! Unstoppable water flow is an emergency. If there is a water emergency, it will always take precedence. Water causes even more damage if left untreated, so we do prioritize that repair. Our team is on call 24/7 for your emergencies, and when one happens, we will pull a handyman off of another project to attend to your emergency. If it is an elective repair or upgrade, we will schedule that based on our availability. We try to schedule your project within a 2-week timeframe, based on convenience for you and our existing schedule. We serve the Sun City West, Sun City, El Mirage, Surprise area. So depending on where the handyman is located, our response to emergency situations will vary according to traffic!

Why can't you just give me a quick estimate over the phone?

We can give you a quick estimate over the phone, however, it may not be accurate. Estimates are free, they just need to be scheduled so a handyman can come to evaluate the location, the issue, and what supplies and materials may be needed to appropriately repair or fix the issue. We charge an hourly rate plus the cost of materials/supplies needed. Our handymen are experienced and work quickly and efficiently to complete your project.

Are you licensed and insured?

We are a Handyman business in Arizona. We are insured. We have a license to do business in Arizona. As a Handyman business, we are not licensed contractors. If your project needs a permit of any sort, you need a licensed contractor.

Do you charge by the hour or the job?

Usually, we charge by the hour. Some projects may be by the job, but that would require an inspection and estimate of time and materials.

Do you work weekends and evenings?

Yes, we work Weekdays, Evenings, and Weekends. We try to leave Sunday as a day off, but that doesn't always happen. Household emergencies don't always cooperate! Do not hesitate to call us. If you leave a message (when we are out of the office, on the road or with another customer) we will return your call as soon as possible. Our handymen are on call 24/7 for emergency situations. Do not hesitate to call.

How do I pay for services?

We accept personal checks, business checks, cash, and credit card at the time the work is completed. If you would prefer to be invoiced and pay with a credit card on-line, we can do that too! Just don't pay us with anything that eats (no kids, goats, fish, or pets...well, maybe, no pets!) If the project includes a large number of materials, a deposit of 60% may be required.